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3 Things To Check If Your Social Ads Aren't Converting

More ads don’t mean more sales. Say it with me. MORE ADS DON'T MEAN MORE SALES.

Don’t get me wrong – having a large enough budget is important to make sure your ads are getting pushed out to enough people in a short enough timeframe to make agile decisions. However, all the budget in the world can’t force bad ads to convert.

If you are struggling with ads that aren’t working, first and foremost, take a look at your sales funnel. Not sure what the sales funnel is? Go listen to episode one of my podcast. Link in bio. If you don’t have an effective funnel that targets the right people at the right point in the consideration in buying process, you are going to have a very hard time running effective ads.

Next, take a look at your website. Is your landing page similar and look and feel to your ad? When a prospect sees a pretty, ethereal ad then ends up on an industrial looking landing page, it’s disorienting. It’s offputting. Having a discrepancy between your ads and your website can be a big reason your ads are not converting.

Finally, take a look at your offer. It might not be enticing enough. Maybe your customers aren’t excited about 15% off but would respond well to 20% off. Maybe a free call isn’t something your target audience is quite ready to sign up for and they would respond better to an e-book. Whatever your industry is, make sure your offer is enticing to your target market specifically.

If you’ve been considering running social ads and aren’t sure where to start, hit me up! Not only do I offer full service ad management and creation, I am also creating a course to teach business owners how to run their own ads. Wherever you are at in your business growth process, I have some valuable information for you.


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