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5 Tips for a Profitable (and Sane!) Holiday Season

Hey, business owners! The holidays are coming up faster than seems possible. It's often the busiest and (hopefully!) most profitable time of year, so here are my top tips for making sure you make the most of it.

1. Make sure your messaging tells a story.

Your business isn't a soulless corporation providing mediocre goods and services. You started or got involved in it for a reason. There's probably at least a little passion there! I'll let you in on a little secret, too. People don't buy from companies. They buy from people. When you allow the human-ness of your brand and its story to shine through your website, social media presence, emails, and ads, people take notice. They respond. Make sure you're using this to make an impact.

2. Set up your email list and automations.

Email addresses are absolute GOLD when it comes to marketing. Not only are emails a great way to deliver information right in front of your existing customers' eyes, they also give you lots of options for retargeting, building new audiences of people based on what's already working, sending offers and pitches at exactly the right time to exactly the right people, and more. If you're not already using an email list, now is the time to start! And if you've been keeping it basic for a while, now is a perfect time to take it to the next level.

3. Implement a funnel to drive purchases.

"If you build it, they will come," is probably some of the worst business advice out there. Your customers won't buy from you just because you're asking them to. Marketing is a lot like dating or making a new friend. You don't meet someone and immediately ask them to commit to you. You feel each other out, spend a little time together, and gradually grow closer and closer. Over time the connection and trust grow! Sales funnels are an important strategy that approaches nurturing new customers in the same way.

4. Streamline your social media posting.

Social media has absolutely taken over the marketing world. It's one of the great mysteries that baffles, frustrates, and stresses out tons of business owners. If you've ever stared at your phone screen wondering what to post, why you need to post in the first place, or who the heck decided this was part of running a business, you're not alone. One of the best ways to cut down on the overwhelm social media can cause is by implementing a content pillar and content calendar system. This breaks down all the possible content you could be creating and turns it into simple, easily-manageable prompts, meaning you never have to wonder what to post again.

5. Use an effective social ads strategy.

This one is a teeny bit controversial. A lot of business owners hear the word 'ads' and want to run. After all, you're trying to make money, not spend it, right? You may have even been burned by a bad experience where you spent a bunch of money with little to no results. I get it. That's why it's important to have a solid structure and strategy when it comes to social ads (and this is w

hy #3, having a sales funnel, is so important!). When your business is functioning well and sales are coming in pretty readily, ads are a great way to throw some serious gasoline on the fire you're already tending.

Whether you're looking forward to that holiday rush or already stocking up on aspirin in anticipation of endless stress headaches, I'd love to help.

I specialize in helping businesses like yours streamline, simplify, and execute a marketing strategy that makes your life easier. Let's set up a time to spend 15 minutes talking through one, a few, or all of the points I talked about above! I'm currently scheduling beta testers for my new one-day intensive service where we'll work on reaching transformation for your marketing strategy in one day.

Would you trade a day of your time for a calmer, more productive, more profitable holiday season?

Let's chat!

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