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Factors That Determine A Successful Ad

It's easy to look at a campaign that hasn't dramatically increased your sales and think it's a failure. While sales are obviously a huge part of your business and, for many, the entire point of running ads, trying to force sales and getting discouraged when you don't immediately see them can be detrimental to your overall business if you do it too soon.

There are a number of factors that determined a successful ad. If you're not seeing sales, here are a few things to look at to see if the ads are really the problem:

✨ CTR - is your click-through rate above 1%? If not, your ad isn't interesting enough to your audience. The ad is at fault here.

✨ Purchases vs. adds-to-cart - take a look at how many people are adding to cart and compare it to actual purchases. If a dramatic number are taking that step to add to cart or even initiate checkout but still aren't purchasing, that should be a clue there may be some friction in your checkout process that's turning buyers off.

✨ Frequency - even the best ads become less and less after they've been seen a certain number of times. 1-2 is typically best, though it will vary. If you're inching higher than that, you're going to want to think about either expanding your audience or switching up your ads to give your audience something new and fresh to look at.

✨ Website conversion rate - out of the pool of people who land on your website, how many are purchasing? If it takes 500 visits to get 5 sales but your ads are driving 100 visits per day, your website needs work before ads will be as effective as they can be. For reference, a "good" conversion rate is around 2-3%.

Ads are amazing because they help speed up the testing and optimizing process, allowing you to not only find your sales process' weaknesses and address them, but to really pour gasoline on the fire when you've nailed down what works. If you're ready to accelerate your growth, consider running ads (the right way!).

I'm here to help - go to the link in my bio to set up a free discovery call. We'll walk through your business and I'll give you some recommendations on what to do. If we end up being a fit to work together, amazing! 🥳

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