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My Top 6 Favorite Business Tools

Looking for tools for your business that will make your life way, way easier? I’ve got you covered. I’ve always been something of a productivity app nerd. I will literally scroll the App Store and product hunt to find what is new in exciting. Just for fun. For real.

Here are the tools for running my business that I absolutely cannot live without:

@plannthat - social media planning and scheduling. I’ve tried most platforms out there and this one is my favorite! It even has LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reel scheduling!

@coda_hq - Coda is like Google docs, Airtable, Trainual, and your imagination had a baby somehow. Then that baby got bitten by the radioactive spider that made Spider-Man into Spider-Man. We have a beautiful love story. Remind me to tell you sometime.

@clickup - Few things get me more jazzed than ClickUp. I read their regular feature release emails like they’re tabloids - they’re always up to something incredible. This is the absolute BEST project management tool out there. And yes, I will fight you on this.

@unsplash - Free, gorgeous photos. Need I say more?

@canva - *insert that “you already know what it is” sound here* No list of amazing tools would be complete without Canva. They’ve really upped their game over the years and become totally invaluable.

@tangerine_app - I just found this bad boy and let me tell you: he’s a GAMECHANGER. This lil guy lets you set up habits to track, make journal entries, record your mood, then see how it all intertwines with some sweet graphs. Emotions + data = 😍

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