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Read This If You've Had A Bad Experience with Social Ads

“I worked with someone before and they totally screwed me over!” “No thanks, I’ve tried ads before. They just don’t work for me.” “Yeah, I’ve been burned already. I don’t buy into that whole ads thing.”

I hear that a lot.

You know what else I heard recently? “This is already SO MUCH BETTER than the last time I had someone run ads for me!”

Here’s the thing: sometimes ads take a while to figure out. Sometimes you don’t see the results you want. Sometimes there’s so much work to do on the sales side of things that ads aren’t as effective as they could be. But even when you don’t see the sales you want, you should walk away from your experience running ads with some serious data.

Running ads will point you to the weak spots in your business. If you’re getting adds-to-cart but no purchases, your checkout experience likely needs some work! If your conversion rate overall is less than 1.5%, your website isn’t effective!

No matter what, when you run ads, you should walk away with something valuable and actionable.

Burned in the past and want to try it again the right way? Let's talk!

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