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Selling Doesn’t Have to Feel Icky!

We’re often made to feel like anyone who’s trying to sell is like a sleazy used car salesman (and not all of them are bad, either!).

Here’s an important question to figure out if you’re doing this whole sales thing right: do you help people? Is what you have to offer genuinely bringing value to your prospects, making their life easier or better, or even simply making them a bit closer to the life they want to live?

Did you say yes? Then guess what? You’re actually doing your customers and clients a FAVOR by selling to them! Especially if the way you do things or your product is different and better than the competition, you are truly serving those in your target market by connecting with them.

It’s all about mindset and approach. By shifting your thinking from "I feel bad taking their money!" to "I love making sure they get the best result possible!" you’re able to:

1. stop feeling guilty when you make a sale

2. be more effective in your sales and marketing efforts and

3. feel more fulfilled because you’re not only making money, you know you’re helping your customers and clients change for the better

Still not convinced? I’d love to help you nail down your messaging.


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