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Work With Me: Social Media Ads Management

SocialAFB8AC media advertising can be overwhelming, so having an expert on your side can take that stress off your shoulders!

From Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, all of my social media packages include complete creation and management of social ads with the option of Top of Funnel Management (Cold Audiences) or Full-Funnel Management. Did I mention the range of add-on features you can choose from? Contact me today to build your custom package!

Who Is This Service For?

My Social Media Ads Management packages are great for business owners who have built a solid foundation for their business, understand their product/service, and are looking to grow their efforts further.

"I've already tried running ads and had a bad experience."

You're not alone! Sadly this is the case for many of my clients, but I'm here to assure you that with the right partner, social media ads are a great way to grow your sales without taking a ton of your time or energy!

If you've had a bad experience in the past, it's most likely because....

  1. You tried to do it yourself and got overwhelmed and confused, or maybe you just didn't set them up correctly.

  2. You paid someone else to run the ads for you and they basically took your money and ran without any results or explanation of what happened behind the scenes.

Benefits of Social Media Ads Management

Social media ads are fantastic because not only do they allow you to drive more traffic to your website (hello, increase in sales!), but they also give you a ton of really great data on your sales process.

For example, if I run an ad campaign with a specific goal of "Getting Purchases", and people are clicking through to the ad but not purchasing, we can change the ad to an "Add To Cart" goal. If visitors are clicking the ads at a good rate, but still not adding to cart, there there may be an opportunity to update your product page. If people are adding to cart but not purchasing, that gives us an indicator that there could be an issue with a check out process that is causing people to drop off. It's fascinating the kinds of insights you can glean from running ads!

Another great component of running ads is that it allows you to get in front of a ton of people you have never been exposed to before without having to take a ton of effort or time to do so. If you are willing to put in the necessary budget you can do a lot with very little effort. The key is having someone who actually knows what they're doing because it's very easy to waste time and money running ads. As we work together, I'll be able to collect data, course correct when needed, and get to the right answer much faster and more cost-effectively.

Why Choose True Grit Creative Co?

Instead of simply just running social media ads, I specifically offer a full funnel approach to ads. This means that I look at your entire sales process as a whole (aka Holistic Marketing) to ensure that you're getting the most for the ad campaigns we run.

Most businesses that run ads don't have a thorough strategy in place for their social media ads other than a general goal such as "get more people to the website" or "increase sales by X amount". Once you understand what to look for in the analytics and we put together a solid strategy, we can really dig into the brain of your target audience and put things together in a way that maximizes your resources.


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